About Us

In the 21st century, most gambling establishments serve customers online. NZ people can find several dozen casino websites. It’s sometimes difficult for gamblers to choose the right one. Many casino owners offer bonuses, but users often fail to understand how beneficial it is. The same goes for the rules of the game and the choice of a particular slot. But people shouldn’t be upset because our team of experts is ready to help gamblers. PokiesGo offers the following to New Zealanders:

  • Truthful reviews of gambling establishments
  • Casino promotions monitoring
  • Analysis of strategies for a specific card game
  • Review of new slots from leading developers
  • Tips for choosing payment methods

Our Mission

PokiesGo team works every day to prepare quality materials for fans of poker, slots, roulette, bingo and other online games. Most reviews are exclusively for New Zealand players. The experts who prepare the articles, take into account several opinions and scrupulously read the information on the home page of each online casino. With us, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Gambling industry is developing every year. NZ online casinos offer the user new features every month. Gamblers should hardly refuse such prizes. This is because each of them has a chance to earn more. We’re talking about poker lovers and people who prefer slots. They will be able to play safely and make a stable profit if they take into account the tips and reviews that are published on our website. PokiesGo team constantly monitors new events in the gambling and promptly informs readers about the best offers.

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Want to keep up to date with the latest information on casino bonuses, free spins and terms of use? If so, you should subscribe to our newsletter. We will be sending emails every week describing how the gambling industry has changed over the past few days. People can also read our articles, leave comments and ask questions to the moderators. Among other advantages of our web resource:

  1. The objectivity of information presentation. Our experts always consider several opinions. We never mislead our readers.
  2. Detailed and complete reviews for each resource, slot, service. Our readers always find comprehensive answers in the articles that our team prepares.
  3. All the information we publish is updated regularly. Gamblers can rest assured that with our resource they will not miss the most important news in terms of gambling.

Our Team

A team of gambling enthusiasts and experts are working on improving our online resource. A deep understanding of how the majority of New Zealand casinos operate and how to improve customer service are the main strengths of PokiesGo staff. They always prepare the most accurate and truthful reviews. This is what NZ gamblers lack today.

Why is Our Online Platform Better?

Lovers of card games and people who look for bonuses always try to keep up to date with casino news. But many sites provide only general information, which can be confusing for gamblers. Our readers do not have any problems in this regard, since we are preparing detailed reviews. This applies to the principles of conducting poker tournaments,  issuing bonuses, opening an account, requesting payments and others.

Almost all casinos offer certain bonuses depending on the country, but NZ people do not know about such an offer, since they cannot monitor all web resources at the same time. Our team is ready to do this work. All that NZ people must do is read our reviews, draw conclusions and choose the most advantageous offers. Gambling has never been so accessible. With our help, anyone will certainly win!